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The Bad guyz 2022 New film Review.



Epic comedy/Crime anime movie known as The Bad Guys  is a 2022 American  computer animated comedy film produced by DreamWorks and circulated by The Universal Pictures. The film was directed by Pierre perifel and it is based on the young book series of the same name by Aaron Blabe.

The Bad Guyz

The Bad guyz comedy/ Crime animated film was released on the 22 of April 2022.


The Bad guyz tell the story of a group of animals by name Wolf, Mr Snake, Mr Shark, and others, who commit a lot of crimes within Los Angeles. They terrorized the city with their presence and are greatly feared by people. When they went on their sort of last bad guyz mission, to steal the golden Dolphin things changed. During the heist, Wolf takes some free time to pickpocket various people but inadvertently helps an aged woman and is praised for the good deed, leading to Wolf finding himself affected by his wrongdoings. After the group is exposed and arrested, Wolf persuades Marmalade with Foxington’s permission to rehabilitate them, planning to take advantage of the pretense to steal the award again. Prof Marmalade (the guinea pig) invited the Bad guyz to his home where he attempted to reform them. At first it didn’t work but later on Wolf changed and the group feel an atom of goodness in them. Prof Marmalade had other intent of course. His sole intention would be revealed later on in the film. In all the bad guyz became good guyz with the help of Foxington and assisted to safe the city from the biggest heist of all time initiated by Marmalade.

The review shows that the cartoon is widely appreciated by parents for the lesson learnt by the model of story. Although rated PG it can be watched by children and is quite fun-filled.


Sam Rockwell as Mr wolf
Akwafina as ms Tarantula
Marc Maron as Mr snake
Craig Robinsom as me shark
Anthony Ramos as piranha

Richard Ayode as professor Marmalade. Zazie Beetz as Diane Foxinton


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